Welcome to MyDyndns!

This tool is another dyndns client.


Yes, because I haven't found one that ran under my 486 with Windows 95. All that claimed to work crashed or missed some dlls. The latter were written in Visual Basic. Horrible!

Well, my client was made with Visual C++.NET. It was very nice playing around with it, they really managed to improve VC++ 6.0. I hate so say this, but Visual Studio is very very good. It's a pity that they focus on C# (ugly Java clone) and VB (basic is always ugly). No important improvements within MFC, no GUI code/dll that one can include in own programs to get Office XP GUI elements and so on. (That's the reason why this company should be divided into a system and a software part. They moved some elements from the system software to application software, the competitors now have to write own GUI extensions).

The provided executables are all statically linked (that's the reason why they are so big). No additional dlls are needed (thanks to the delay load feature - stupid accessibility, I don't know what this should be good for). The programm itself is so simple that it is self-explanatory.

I hope somone will find my tool useful!

May the source be with you!

Gérard Basler, 29.07.2002